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English is not my mother language, please don’t let

language barrier distract you from fact finding aspect.

Independent, in-depth, unbiased source on penny stocks, microcaps, pink sheet stocks, and the OTCBB

My day trading strategy is very simple as follow

1- I am news junky.  I Trad on news. I spend Hours Watching News that can drive Penny Stocks . I try to catch any major news break as soon as it hits the wire. When it comes to penny trading, News is the ultimate factor.

2- I use a specific soft wear / http://bit.ly/9QAI2P / to find breakouts by just running a simple filtering to scan hundreds of stocks daily. .

3- Buy at support sell at resistance. Only when they can hold.

4- Watching last 30 minutes of the market and find stocks which get large buying. Good method to add to my watch list and predict next day’s move.

5- Reading MM´s intention by focusing on their buying or selling blocks. For instance, buying or selling 100 shares of penny stocks doesn’t make sense when the commission fee is larger than what they pay for the stock. Only MMs can get away with it. Learn how to play their game since you can not beat them.

6- Finally in penny-land sometimes the Chart does not tell the full story, but its important to understand them and use them as supporting tool to identified momentum and other factors which can help me to make my decision in buying or selling, only for very short term. Remember, Penny stocks are not for investment; they are just for trading. its like hit and run. You play penny for quick profit’

This forum welcomes you to become part of the discussion.  Any input is most definitely welcomed here.

Thank you and Good Luck.

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1 Daiza Okada May 6, 2020 at 1:21 pm

When you mentioned ‘Penny stocks are not for investment; they are just for trading. its like hit and run. You play penny for quick profit’, this was an eye-opening message for me. Thanks for that. I’ve just found you and want to continue to receive your daily tips. Pls let me know how to follow you.


2 Eric HIMY March 19, 2020 at 5:01 am

I found your You tube video informative. Thank you.
Last Year Dec 2008 I bought for $300 Wamuq at .03 !! 10000 shares.
I wish now that I had bought $5000
What do think will happen now ?
Should I try buying more now?
any hot tips?
many thanks


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