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1 Zagros November 22, 2020 at 2:19 am

Hello Friends,
For today Monday Nov 22nd I will be watching these

AIB Allied Irish Banks At $1.24
IRE Bank of Ireland At $ 2.67
Both these stocks will react to the bail out news, Read it here ( Ireland says EU, IMF agree to fund emergency aid
Then followed by this news ( Euro Rises in Early Asia as Eurogroup Say Ireland Requests Financial Aid ) So logically the stock will react in a same way that EURO did. Keep these 2 on your Radar. Please make sure to take off your profit, and as always Play the house’s money.
Finally Next week I will be going over sea, I might not be able to log in for while, Please keep in touch. Check out this site frequently.
Also please do some of your Christmas shopping with us by visiting our sister site
Good Luck to you all


2 Zagros November 18, 2020 at 7:15 am

Hello Friends ,
My watch list from last night seemed horrible but I like to make 2 points
1- I will give them another couple days
2- It was good opportunity to load up on some of them. I did get in,
at .0095
SMMT at .0029
NURO at .54 .
I will hold them for while.
For Today I will be watching
DEJ at .345
COIN at .378
Good luck


3 Zagros November 17, 2020 at 3:27 am

Hello Friends,
For today Wednesday Nov 17th I will be watching these stocks. These are some of the stocks which popes on my scanner. Keep them on your Radar.
SMMT .0037
CWRN .005
NURO .58
LFBH .0115. This stock I believe you should be careful. It has made some good moves for the last 5 days. I still believe this can go much higher, but good entry will be around .011. No rush to enter, it must consolidate at some point. It is long term stock I believe if wait you might get in at much lower price.
Now for my previous picks…
I am working hard to find a right filter for my penny stocks pick. I have came a long way , but it still some times fails me and other times it takes the stock couple of day to make a major move. Take VTMS as an example, I had it on my watch list on November 9th when it was trading at .08, and on Nov 15th it began to make its move. Today VTMS is priced at .22. I hope some of you bought it then.
Watch these 2 videos to see what I mean by scanner filtering.
Good Luck to you all, Let us make some money.
My Day Trading Source Videos:


4 Zagros November 16, 2020 at 2:01 am

Hello Friends , for today I have nothing to post . Today, I didnt have a chance to do my research. I will post more tomorrow night.
BTW hoe about another 100% success. For the last three day I had all winners.
Stay tuned , I will have my picks tomorrow night.
Good Luck to you all


5 Zagros November 15, 2020 at 6:44 am

Hello Friends for today Monday Nov 15th I will be watching these
SNSS Company Just released this PR ( Sunesis Issued Important U.S. Patent Covering Vosaroxin Clinical Formulation ) I will post full story on my site shortly. Stay tuned
LFBG This penny stock has made some huge move in the last couple of weeks. The company keeps issuing a lot of good PR. This company is publisher of Christian video game software, Which will have huge sell in this Christmas. Radar this ..
HMIT New Ticker is VMGI I was watching this penny stock on Friday and I was impressed the way it hold its ground despite huge sell off . Keep it under your watch.
Good luck to you all, happy trading


6 Zagros November 11, 2020 at 5:48 am

Hello friends for today Thursday Nov 11, I am keeping my Wednesday’s Picks.
But for Today I will be watching only
SPPH .279 The company today will release material information regarding the unsolicited all-cash offer it received on Nov 4th. Watch out for this one.
Good Luck to you all.
BTW Black Friday is coming, if you do any online shopping, please do some of your shopping with us. We have great special from Sear’s Please Support Our Advertisers, consider it as contribution from your family to our site. I thank you very much for you contribution. Happy shopping.


7 Zagros November 10, 2020 at 1:59 am

How about 8 winners out of 8 picks. All these 8 picks closed in green . I am getting close to find the right filtering to pick me winners day after day. Stay tuned I will let you know.

Hello Friends
For today Wednesday Nov 10th I will be watching these stocks which came on my new filtering. I think I have came very close to find the right equation . These are the stock which should make some interesting move for today , Keep them on your RADAR
SDRG .24
DGIN .45
SILA .72
GNVC .51
FBP .33
TRDY .008
Good Luck to you all

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8 Zagros November 9, 2020 at 2:31 am

Hello friends for today Tuesday Nov 9, I will be watching these stocks.
Once again I like to remind all of you that these stocks are not for buy, I am still working on my scanner to find out a filter which can predict next days winners. There is such equation hidden in the scanner, it just take a good vision and a super analytical mind to figure it out. I have been working on my scanner for the last three months and yet I have not found it. I have used many filtering and still have not found the right equation which can tell me what will be the next day’s winners. When I find it that will be my lotto winner. Its like finding a money making machine. You can do it too. All what you have to do is to get you a scanner and start filtering it day after day until you find it, and when you find it then you are Millionaire. You will be able to sell it for million dollar, but then why would you sell a money making machine. How much a money making machine it worth , Million ten Million hundred million , the sky is limit. Imagine programing your scanner to pick you several winning stock every day. Such a finding will make you millionaire in very short time. Try it, Its not going to coast you anything. I have the EquitFeed on my site for one month free trial. Give it a shot, maybe you will be the lucky one who finds this filter. Just keep playing with your scanner for one month for free, there is nothing to loose. I have been working hard to become the first one to win it and I will keep trying for ever to find this million Dollar filter, hoping one day I will get in there.
Now for Today these are the stocks which my new filter on my scanner has come up with. Let us watch it together to see how it goes…

Finally if you are not familiar with Filtering a scanner please dont hesitate to email me and I will try to explain it to you.
Good luck to you all.
Oh , here is the free trial offer from EquityFeed,
Click here


9 Zagros November 4, 2020 at 1:32 am

Hello Friends
I have not been active for while. Burt I will try stay current..
For Today Thursday Oct 4th I will be watching these stocks. These stocks are not for buy for now. This is just experimentation of a new filtering that I have on my scanner. In another words I have programed my Scanner to find me good picks for tomorrow . I have worked with this program for short time , it still in development stage..
Join me and let us together watch the evolution of this program. Here are the stocks which I will be watching for today
VTMS closed at .065 Wednesday Oct 3rd. Good entry will be at .055
AUMY closed at .085 Wednesday Oct 3rd. Good entry will be at .075
NACF closed at .10 Wednesday Oct 3rd. Good entry will be at .095
SMPP closed at .0007 Wednesday Oct 3rd. Good entry will be at .0007 safer.0006
IDOI closed at .0018 Wednesday Oct 3rd. Good entry will be at .0016
OPTZ closed at .0045 Wednesday Oct 3rd. Good entry will be at .0041
SGCP closed at .0019 Wednesday Oct 3rd. Good entry will be at .0017
BQI closed at .40 Wednesday Oct 3rd. Good entry will be at .38
GV closed at .299 Wednesday Oct 3rd. Good entry will be at .275
BTW if you holding any URRE watch out , the company is selling over 7M common shares. Be careful
Good Luck to you all.


10 freddie October 25, 2020 at 11:00 pm


My name is Freddie Rivera, I am here to fill in for my good friend, Zagros while he is away. Unfortunately Zagros has been very Ill since Sunday and he is not going to be able to run this site for while. I will do my best just to keep his site active and that is all what I can do . I am unable to deliver all what he used to do, but I will keep this site a live until he comes back.

Let us hope he recovers soon and makes it to all of us, back soon.

Thank you



11 Zagros October 18, 2020 at 5:29 am

Hello Friends ,
For today Monday Oct 18th I am watching these penny stocks
MHTX .093
GSLO .60
ENTI .0009
For more please go the main page or click here


12 Zagros October 15, 2020 at 2:28 am

Hello Friends
For today Friday October 15th I will be watching and buying this penny stock. Which I believe is the best long term penny stock.
Composite Technology Corporation, CPTC 0.25
About CTC:
Composite Technology Corporation’s patented ACCC® conductor technology enables superior performance of high voltage transmission and distribution electrical grids. ACCC® conductors use CTC’s proven carbon fiber core which is produced at its Irvine, California headquarters and delivered to qualified conductor manufacturers who produce and distribute ACCC® conductors to operators of electrical grids worldwide. CTC’s conductor technology significantly reduces thermal line sag and can replace similar diameter and weight traditional conductors with its higher capacity and more energy efficient ACCC® conductor. It is an ideal conductor for both upgrading existing power lines as well as building new lines since the technology allows for the reduction of the number of support structures and/or a reduction of their height. Since its commercial introduction in 2005, nearly 9,000 kilometers of ACCC® conductor have been installed in all environmental and operating conditions, including severe heat and ice environments, long span applications and high capacity corridors for the modern grid. ACCC® is a registered trademark of CTC Cable Corporation.
Read More on the main page of my site.
Good luck to you all.


13 Zagros October 13, 2020 at 2:00 am

Hello Friends
For today Wednesday Oct 13 I will be watching these stocks.
TADF 0.0048
EVSI 0.45
WEST 0.58
For more detail please go to the main page of
Good Luck to you all


14 Zagros October 12, 2020 at 3:42 am

Hello Friends,
For Today Tuesday October 12 I will be watching these
SELR 0.1896 this stock went up 18% on yesterday. I always watch around about a half an hour to market close , there were I can find my picks for the next day. This stock at the last 30 minutes had too many shares exchanged. I believe there will be some major movement today , based on the way this stock was traded at the last half an Hour to market close. The gap stayed to narrow through out the whole day which is a good indication of shareholder confidence. So I believe this stock will make a good move early in the morning, and when it goes up another 10% on top of yesterdays 18% then you have to be careful, because there will be huge profit to be taken. It could go up as much as 20 to 30% , then you need to have a good eyes to watch out in order to protect your profit. This is my opinion and all based on my own perception, I could be wrong, but I am full confident SELR will have a good move . Keep it on your BIG RADAR.

CWNR 0.46 Today Board of Directors authorized a 2 for 1 forward split of its common stock. shareholders shall have 2 shares of common stock for every 1 share they hold after the forward split is effective. Keep it on your Radar.
Good luck to you all.


15 Zagros October 11, 2020 at 12:03 am

Hello Friends,
For today Monday October 11th I will be watching these
XOHO .61 The company had a good PR Yesterday (announced today that XO Communications, LLC , a wholly owned subsidiary, has secured up to $50 million through a Revolving Promissory Note with Arnos Corp. , a company owned by XO Holdings’ chairman, Carl C. Icahn ) Read it on my site.
POWN .35 MTV is helping to bring Stan Lee’s newest superhero to life. The network is joining forces with Lee’s POW Entertainment POWN, to create a new digital comic series called “The Seekers.”
BFHJ .0054 Finally they have their casino site officially live and accepting deposits from non- United States residents. Read the PR on the main page of my site.
THMRQ .01 This stock has not seen any action for long time. Last Friday got some attention, volume increased slightly. Comparing to other Q stocks such as LEHMQ .054 , WAMUQ .18 which bott trading above .05 , THMRQ should have seen about the same level as LEHMQ. Keep it on your Radar for the whole week and focus on volume.
For bottom bouncers
ABK .72 and BMOD .11
As a reminder, Please sign in again , as I mention it last week I have lost all your emails that I had, So please sign in again.
Good to you all


16 Zagros October 8, 2020 at 3:27 am

Hello Friends ,
For today Friday October 8th I will be watching these.
BMOD Yesterday this stock for no apparent reason dropped 29% on a good news. As the shorts drove the price down unmercifully I was watching to see if it will ever bounce, but it didnt. will be very disappointed if today this stock doesnt recover some of its lost. The only hesitation that I have is the timing, been Friday puts this stock in a very tough spot. Friday is the day that daytrader sell their shares because they just dont like to Cary their profit over the weekend. Therefor BMOD might drop more, if it does then that will be even better opportunity to load. Keep it on your RADAR.
As always Friday is my favorite buying day. As I mentioned above daytradesr sell and I like to collect. When you buy a good stock on Friday for a cheap price then you have a good chance to make some Good profit on the next week. Here are 2 good stock to buy Today and hold them for the next week.
CPTC I have been watching it for while looking for any sign of pull back but I have not seen any yet. I am hoping it will drop some today, and if it does I will get in. This is a good stock to have for the next week
XSEL Another good Chinese stock Keep on your radar for any pull back. I have played this stock many times.
Good luck to you all.
One last point to make is your Subscription to this site. Last week my computer crushed on me and I lost a lot of my files among them is the list of all your emails. So please if you have subscribed previously please take a minute and do it again. I am devolving system more secure to save all your emails.Its important to have your email in order to email you directly when there is a breaking news during the market Hours.Our strict privacy policy keeps your email address 100% safe & secure. Mark my words.
Good luck to you all.


17 Zagros October 7, 2020 at 3:32 am

Hello Friends,
For today Thursday Oct 7 I will be watching these
SNRY this stock had some good move yesterday on huge volume and a good PR . I believe it will make some good move today early in the morning. This is not a long term stock, but its a good one to make a quick profit. I believe it might go up as high as .16 to .20 currently is trading at .13. I Believe it will drop sharply before the closing. If you get in early this morning , please get out of it as soon as it hits around .17 to .20 .
JALSQ and JALFQ Japan Airlines. Watch out for these 2 stocks. Lately JALSQ has been moving slowly but continuously, soon JALFQ will follow. Today they had a good PR which I have it on the main page of my site. These 2 stocks unlike SNRY are good stocks for long term.
I am still keeping all my picks from Monday , Imight update it today .
Good luck to you all.update it


18 Zagros October 4, 2020 at 5:20 am

Hello Friends For Today Monday Oct 4th I will be watching these stock which some of them are for the whole week.
ONCI at .062
CXM at .52
PEIX at 1.03
GEGI at .047
NGBF at .1396
Good Luck to you all


19 Zagros September 26, 2020 at 11:57 pm

Hello Friends For Today Monday Sept 27 I will be watching these.
Please read the rest on the main page.
Good luck


20 Zagros September 23, 2020 at 5:09 am

Hello Friends
For Today Thursday Sept 23nd I am watching these.
MFLI its trading at lowest point I believe it has established a shaky support level at .0075. It could re-bounce from here. Keep it on your Radar and watch for high volume.
Check out this. I dont know what it means but it wort to keep it on your radar.

Today after Hour some body bought over 1 Million dollare of these 2 stock
ADPAJ 4,289,319 X 0.014
4,289,319 X 0.014,25

ADPAA 14,200,924 X 0.015
I dont know what is going on but I will be focusing on it. I have them on my watch list. Add these 2 to your watch list.
Finaly , How about my Yesterdays picks!!!
They did exactly the way I expected them to do.
Good luck to you all


21 Zagros September 22, 2020 at 2:30 am

Hello Friends
For Today Wednesday Sept 22nd I am watching these.
HLNT Yesterday it closed at .0088 with 4% down. Volume was way up. There was a lot of selling but at the last Hour of the trading there was good accumulation . over 10mil shares bought within an Hour. I believe most of profit taking is gone. I am expecting HLNT to recover from yesterday. It will try again to break the .0095 . After that I can not see any resistance level.But on the other hand if it drops bellow the supporting level at .0077 then it will never recover, it will be the end of the game. Keep it on your RADAR.

SMHS Yesterday lost 45%. This is a possible bounce play. Many promoters are sending out emails to their members. For today this will recover some of its lost but eventually will drop even more. But for today, I believe this is a good flip in my book . It will move up for while before dropping by the end of the day. If you get in early for quick profit, make sure to get out before closing.

GAGO The company Released a PR (Global Agri-Med to Raise Up to $1 Million )this is kind a PR the day trader looking for . This pr will bring in many new buyers But at the end, and when day traders start taking thier profit , it will drop very fast. I believe this stock will go up very fast and it might drop at the same speed. If you get in early morning , please do your self a favorite, take out your profit as soon as you can.
Good Luck to you all.


22 Zagros September 21, 2020 at 2:38 am

Hello Friends,
For today Tuesday Sept 21 I will be watching
LEHMQ and LEHJQ. Because of the upcoming hearing on Tomorrow - Wednesday Sept 22nd - Lehman wants as much as $11 billion from Barclays because of an alleged “windfall” the U.K. bank made on the purchase of Lehman’s defunct brokerage. Also suing JPMorgan’s but this case is set for 2012. Both banks denied wrongdoing and are fighting back.
I like Lehman Preferred Series “J” Preferred (LEHJQ) Stock , because we all know from Washington Mutual case that the preferred will be paid before the common an any settlement. But on the other hand for some weird reason that I dont understand, commons are still valued higher, never made sense to me. For now LEHMQ priced at .06 and LEHJQ at .0199. Tomorrow will be the last day before the hearing to get in. Although I dont expect this complex case to be solved by Tomorrow’s hearing, but any good news from the Hearing will push the 2 stock to much higher level. IMHO, both are way way undervalued, and I am surprise that this case has not seen as much attention as Washington Mutual has gotten for years. Also remember Lehman Brother just couple of days ago announced Suing many Banks.
Good Luck to you all.


23 Zagros September 20, 2020 at 5:58 am

Hello Friends ,
For today Monday Sept 20 I am watching these
LEHMQ and LEHJQ still Holding.
CNOZ Still holding
HMIT still holding.
These are some stock it worth watching.
STHG this stock once was pumped by a group of day traders and they moved it from .0004 up to .024. Last Friday it started to make a good move on no news. I am thinking that the same group are trying another round of pimping it. Watch out for volume. Keep this stock on your RADAR.
SSOL they keep releasing PR almost every day . Today they did it again. As I have said before I will say it again this stock is day trader’s dream , they are running it very professionally, there is money to be made but you have to be very careful. You need to keep your eyes on it watching the volume and the gap . Honestly you need to have a scanner to play these kind of stock. Because they move too fast either direction. Just keep watching the Bid and Ask when you see the a big gap between the Ask and Bid then you have to get our of it. But today’s PR ie well written it will bring in some more volume. Keep it on your RADA
BTDG is another one to watch
Good luck to you all. I wish I had some more time to elaborate more on today tips, but My health condition doesnt allow me to stay more on line. For Today My friends will run the site for me .


24 Zagros September 16, 2020 at 11:27 pm

Hello Friends,
For today Friday Sep 17
I am holding all my 3 picks from yesterday. But my main focus will be on HMIT. I hop some of you bought it. Todays PR sounds great it will bring in a lot of new buyers. But again dont fall in love with the penny. Take off your profit and if like to hold longer the play house.e money.
LEHMQ will move gradually for another week or more. This could become another Washington Mutual like fiasco.
CNOZ did not get enough volume but it never lost its ground. .20 looked strong support I will keep it as my pick for next week.
Did you have a chance to open a twitter account. Please do it and follow and I will follow you back so we can have and open chanal for faster way to communicate .
Good Luck


25 Zagros September 16, 2020 at 12:22 am

Hello Friends
For today Thursday Sept 16th I am watching.
CNOZ this one I like it a lot , there will be huge promotion coming on Thursday and maybe Friday too. under 0.22 will be a good entering point. I believe CNOZ will make a good move from here on. If you still holding good for you. If you have not bought yet, keep it under your watch. Watch for volume.
LEHMQ is suing many banks *read the story on the main page of my site*
Today this news generated a good amount of volume. If this story continues to grow then many investors will jump in.
HMIT is making some move. Hard to tell what direction is going to take, because both selling and buying goes through with large blocks. Recently the company changed its name and this news generated some interest in this sleeping giant stock. There are many people on other stock forum talking about it. Just keep it under your watch.
Good Luck. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter for faster communication.
My address on twitter is same


26 Zagros September 14, 2020 at 5:38 am

Hello friends ,
For today Tuesday Sept 14th I will be watching these
This stock went up yesterday 20% but I think this gain was nothing in comparison to the magnitude of the PR which the company released it yesterday. Here is some high light of the PR
According to the company’s PR AJGH 3rd Quarter Earning shows the revenue was 10 times larger than the same period last year. This is amazing progress. I really believe this stock is way under valued therefor yesterdays gain was not much I am expecting it to go up at lease another 25 to 35 % before it starts pulling back. I dont know what will happen after another big move for today but I am positive it will make a good move for today. As always be careful and take off your profit,. And become greedy. After all this is still a penny stock which like any other pennies its hard to predict long term. Dont fall in love with any penny stock. Pennies are for play not for investment. Once you make your profit you take it and move on next one.

Congratulation for those whom Bought it yesterday.
Yesterday after hours the company release another Good PR I think this PR will bring in more fresh blood. But I am worried about it. Day-traders and MMs are master in manipulating the good news. Plus SSOL had 2 good run it must pull back at some point.
I believe this stock has short time It is about to start consolidating. I will be very surprise to see it going another day without pulling back. But I think it will show more gain early morning but after around 10 am it will show some sign of retreating. If by then you have made any profit watch out and keep your eyes open. Focus on the volume watch for the gap between Bid and ask price . If you have scanner keep watching the gap on your L2.
Finally, I think all of you should have a twitter account. Because during the market secession I am on line and I take a lot of question from my followers. This is best and fastest way to communicate with each other. My address on twitter is the same follow me and I will follow you back then we will have an open and direct Chanel to exchange messages. Many things happens during the market Hours and I am very active / when my health permits me/ posting news and alerting my followers. Please do it, open you a twitter account, for you benefit.
Good luck to you all


27 Zagros September 13, 2020 at 2:52 am

Hello Friends ,
For today Monday Sept 13th I am watching these 2 stocks.
Last Friday t made good move . Too many people sold out but it kept going. Finally it closed at 24% up. I did some research on it and I found out that there are many newsletters across the market promoting it. The Co. released a Press Release on Friday after market which I have it posted on my site .
I believe this one could be poised for a another rally Today. I dont own any of this stock for now.

Last Friday this stock was up for first time in weeks. Volume was up on no news and there was too many buying. I went back and read the Company’s PR from August 24th and this is what I found
Tactical Air Defense Services (TADS) has revealed that it expects to finalize its acquisition of US aviation services contractor Tactical Air Support (Tac-Air) within the next two to four weeks.
So, the question is was last Friday’s huge volume an indication of any up coming development.Only time will tell.
I personally don’t trust the CEO of TADF and I have writing several article about him, but if this acquisition take place then I am positive this stock will move up huge, because Tac-Air is a heavy duty company supported by a three star army General and another military personals. Keep watching this stock for any future news about up coming acquisition. I own a position .
Good luck to you all.


28 Zagros September 8, 2020 at 1:46 am

Hello Friends,
My last picks for last night were not great ones. Although CNOZ mad some progress, But FAMH was a disaster. There was no volume and the stock dropped on very a few trades. Which doesnt approve anything. I will keep it on my watch list for the future.
I am going back to my old system , which I used to follow . I used to follow the news and make my judgment based on the news. I have made great picks before when I used this system. So from now on I will apply only this system.
For today Wednesday Sept 8 , I believe these stocks will make some good moves ;
My Main focus for today will be EQLB today it had some good trading patron . I got in at 0.015 . Keep this one on your Radar.
Good Luck.


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