This Morning I gave you these 3 Hot tips, did you make any money?

by Zagros on June 3, 2020

This Morning I gave you 3 Hot tips, did you make any money?
This morning an Hour before the opening of the market I had a post on the Mingle Users. Everything that I mentioned was right on the Money. In short, I said :

OOGN will close in red. and it did Closed at 14% down.
INBG I had on my watch went up at one point 54%
GOIG I had it on my watch list  closed at 26% up
WAMUQ told you to watch at one point went up 12%
Mark my words, I will never pump any stock.  I just post my honest opinion on the stock that I play, and I like to help others making money in this harsh land of penny stocks. I have been there always revealing the secrets of penny stocks, and going after scams.
I love to hear from you, and tell a friend, will you..

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Submitted on 2020/06/03 at 4:49am

Hello Friends
I have nothing for sure to post for today. But I have some observation to declare.
1- My tips are not for long term. They are for quick profit. These plays for me are in and out. Usually I make my money in the first Hour. My goal is make a quick 20 to 35% and I check out ASAP.
2- If you still in OOAG be careful I think this one will drop soon.I believe for first hour maybe will go up but I am almost positive it will close in red . What goes up must come down. This one is over due.
3- I will cautiously be watching 2 stocks for this morning.
INBG went up Yesterday 600% I like to say this one has more to go , but on the other hand there is too much profit in it to be taken. I know there will be good amount of buying, buy taking profit will go on big time. So time will tell who will prevail Bears or Bulls.
GOIG Today the Company issued a litter to the share holders. I am personally not impress but this stock has a lot of die heart followers these people will use this PR to pump it. I might get in this morning for quick profit. I will be watching the volume and focusing on the Gap between Bid and Ask.
On last thing, Keep your eyes on WAMUQ if we hear any good news from the court this one will fly. Keep it under your Radar.
Good luck to you all.

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