Hot tips for today : 2 Huge winners out of 3 Picks.

by Zagros on July 28, 2020

Today before the opening bell. I posted my comment on Hot Tips Talk, ( which,  usually I do it almost every night.) and here is What I posted

PBEC   it has been running for couple of day. Today they had this PR which in my opinion nothing with substance but I believe it will bring in some new buyers, I will not hold it for long , I might sell it before the closing. My goal is 25 – 30%

And I was wright on the money. This was ver Hot tips. PBCE closed at 26% up. But I sold mine at 21% up. Maybe too soon, but I dont like to cary penny stock for the next day.

SKVI   this sleeping giant, I got in Yesterday I have done some DD . I like it very much. Maybe not today or tomorrow, But this giant will weak up soon. RADAR.

I am Still holding my shares. It did not sound like a good hot tips, but not for now, it will soon. Its kind a risky But as I have mentioned I like it and I believe it will make a good move soon. and when it does it will continue moving for several day. Keep this not hot tips yet, on your RADAR.

ADSY    Read the PR on the first page. (Ad Systems Announces Revenue Growth of 70%) Again not much into this PR but it will bring in new Buyers Not to hold it for long.

This was ver hot tips for today.The PR it did bring in a lot of buyers as I predict. Volume reached $ 4.8M and 3.312 trades. That is amazing performance for a penny stock. But on the other hand, also as I predict it, it did drop substantially From 0.074 down to 0.045  early morning  went up 70%  and closed at 16% up.
Join me and sign up at Hot Tips Talk and post your tips too. Stay tuned for my next tips.

Finally Please support our advertisers, I really need your help.  I spent over 12 hours working alone on this site. Unfortunutly  lately I have been losing some of my sponsor for the lake of respond from my readers. I thank you in advance. Happy Trading.
July 28th

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