My penny stocks watch list for Wednesday Oct 20th

by Zagros on October 20, 2020

For today I will be watching these penny  stocks

FLKI  .093 Today this  penny stock company issued a very exciting news  saying this  (Falken Industries Ltd (OTCBB: FLKI) Confirms Receipt of Letter of Intent to Pursue Its Potential Acquisition at $ 1.50 Per Share) which honestly  I doubt the truthfulness of this clam, because I have seen this trick been used before by some other penny stock , among them  THRR  if you remember.   THRR calmed the same thing , that there is a buyer welling to pay $1.00 for this penny stock ‘s  share,  but at the end  never happened and now THRR trading at .0002.  But this is me, there are a lot of people will buy this story. I dont know how wide this news has been published, but if this kind a story reaches wide audience , I promise you, there will be many people willing to pay high price for this penny stock.  I said the same thing about ENTI and sure enough the next day ENTI  move up 55%.  So I believe this will move up  for short time .  I will Be very careful if I get in for short profit then I will try to get out as soon as possible.

RTK  $1.11 I honestly believe this stock on of  Wall Street’s Best Hidden Stocks. This company has huge potential, Read this story from today ( Audi, Rentech Tout Advanced Clean Diesel’s Role in Protecting the Environment). Yesterday RTK droped 6% for no reason.  I believe it will recover this lose easily and it will add some more.

JALSQ  $1.34  and  JALFQ  .02 This morning this pr came out (The man in charge of resurrecting  Japan Airlines  said Wednesday that the carrier is aggressively shedding its bad habits and moving toward financial health more quickly than expected )    I will watch the volume on these toe penny stocks. Remember JALSQ before BK was at $6.00.

CMSI    .30 all  medical marijuana penny stocks have been moving for the last couple of weeks, news like this can push this stock even more Read this Pr which just came out minutes ago( Cannabis Medical Solutions Inc (CMSI) to provide specialized “cashless ATM’s” and POS banking solutions for medical marijuana dispensaries operating legally within 15 states )

Finally I am still holding

MHTX which I think it will come back  to action soon.

CPTC which I believe this penny stock is another  under valued  stock. Holding for long term.

Happy Trading,
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