Watch out for Hurrican related stocks on Monday

by Zagros on June 27, 2020

Monday watch out for Hurricane cleanup related stocks can have their day. Hurricane  Alex been all over the news. Although Alex maybe will never becomes a Hurricane, but nevertheless, the media is playing major role in publicizing it, and  justifiably so because of the bad timing of this storm while  the largest oil spill in U.S. history has not been controlled. In my opinion this Media focused on this storm can become a major promotion for companies which they have a track record in after math cleanup  in the aries that were effected by the Hurricane. There are many stocks out there related to clean up in one way or other, But I have written an Article on last may dealing with the most common hurrican stocks Read this

But I think 2 major stocks that will see some good moves are BUGS and NSMG  which I have mentioned them on the same article.I will be watching these 2 very carefully. Be careful dont bet your farm on them, you will have many other chances if you missed the boat tomorrow. Hurrican season just started and it will around for another three months. Good luck to you all.

Above all let us all hold in our prayers all of God’s creatures that may potentially suffer from the calamity in the Gulf and pray this ends soon, and  to keep Alex away from the oil spill site.


Sunday June 27 / 2010

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